Trottin Travel Map Maker

You've done the miles, now share them with the world.

As lifelong travelers, we understand the power of a travel map to show off all those countries visited.

The problem: no travel map maker creates maps that are easy to share and take into account places that aren't technically countries... and you know... actually look good, too!

Until now.

Travel stats

How much of the world have you covered by landmass? How many of the world's regions have you visited?

Countries visited

Visited 121 of 321 places.
UN Countries: 95

Percentage visited

Visited 69% of the world by landmass.
Percent by number of countries: 49%

World regions visited

Visited 11 of the 12 world regions.
Continents: 6 of 7

More than just countries visited

Here at Trottin, we share the Travelers' Century Club's mindset that for us travelers, it makes more sense to count geographically and culturally distinct 'places' rather than just countries recognized by the United Nations.

French Guiana, Taiwan, Scotland, Alaska... for the purposes of travel, these should count as more than just another visit to France, China, the UK, or the US.

Just fill out our list of places you've visited to create your travel map.

Just check off all the places you've been by region, and our travel map maker will create your countries visited map and give you a statistical breakdown of your travels.

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